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Section one is on the general features of tropical diseases; the editors cover the principles of surgery in the tropics and this is followed by the history of tropical surgery in antiquity, pharoenic era, India and in warfare.

The impact of the environment on tropical disease considers geographic features, global informatics and urbanization, as well as national and man-made disasters, such as road and other traffic accidents, air pollution, chemical and biological warfare, together with resultant refugee migration and malnutrition.

Surgical intervention is considered from its application in an austere environment to the more sophisticated levels of liver and cardiac transplantation, intensive care, minimal access and robotic assisted surgery; attention is given to oncology, stem cells, genetics and other developing fields.

The final part of this section considers the use of telemedicine, integrated approaches, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Ethical issues of clinical management in the tropics are also discussed in a separate chapter.

 Section two considers specialized surgery in tropical disease and systematically considers the various regions and systems of the body. This section is completed with articles on plastic and orthopaedic surgery, including problems of reconstruction in the neuropathic foot.

 Section three on tropical surgical infections, considers specific infections encountered across tropical areas including kuru, CJD, viruses, hepatitis, dysentery, rabies, viral haemorraghic fevers, SARS and AIDS.

Bacterial diseases, with emphasis on the important microbiological diseases; fungal infections are included in a separate chapter. Protozoa and helminths are extensively covered. Morsology considers human bites, shark, reptile and snake bites, as well as marine toxins.

 Section four covers laboratory and diagnostic radiological investigation across the tropics in both austere and well equipped areas.

 Section five identifies the classification of organisms, diseases and symptoms with 81 tables.

 Section six includes 49 case histories with specific messages that compliment and supplement the text, as do the 50 hints and tips.

The text is an encyclopedic cover of tropical disease as it relates to the surgeon, and provides an excellent and essential companion for all those working in, or managing patients from tropical areas.

During their worldwide travelling as world presidents of the International College of Surgeons, the editors became aware of the need for a text on tropical surgery to sit alongside a number of excellent medical books in this field.

Professor Kamel - is renowned for his work on the liver and spleen, with life long interest in the academic studies and research in the field of tropical surgery, whilst Professor Lumley, a distinguished vascular surgeon, is one of the most experienced medical editors in the world. They have brought together a team of surgeons and other experts in the management of tropical disease; 263 authors have contributed over 280 articles and commentaries to make up this 1,400 page publication.

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